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With technology driving the world today, we have put an emphasis on incorporating it into our work to improve our clients' lives. Technology changes rapidly and we plan to change with it.
To help you grow, we utilize the following:

Quickbooks is a business accounting software that can be used for any size business. It offers on-premises accounting applications as well as cloud-based versions that accept business payments, manage and pay bills, and provide payroll functions. 

QuickBooks automates many aspects of managing your business by calculating sales tax, tracking products and automatically updating transactions in your register, customer and vendor areas. Through Quickbooks, we can do your bookkeeping for you. 

Quickbooks is like a smartphone for your business. What we mean by that is you can add "apps" to Quickbooks in order to increase your business' productivity.  Some apps are and T- Sheets which are seen below.

We at Simon Kelvington have been using Quickbooks for years. Ken, Bruce, and Joseph are all Quickbooks ProAdvisors. This means they are designated by Quickbooks as "accounting pros" who can provide strategic insight to drive small business success. 

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Cert1 (1)_edited.png is a cloud-based service that helps businesses save time and money on their accounts payable processes. It increases efficiency by allowing for the automatic input of bills by extracting bill information from documents that get sent into the company’s designated email address.


It syncs with QuickBooks Online, allowing for the bills to be properly recorded in the accounting system. It reduces the hassle associated with paying bills and allows for businesses to get paid faster compared to paper methods. Vendors can provide their ACH information, allowing for them to be paid electronically.


Designated user roles and workflows can be set up to allow for separation of duties. Companies can have a designated approver whose sole responsibility is to approve the bills that another user has entered.

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TSheets is a web-based, mobile time tracking and employee scheduling app. It is an electronic alternative to a paper timesheet or punch card. Employees can clock in or out with one click.


Time can be coded to a specific job or customer. Using these job codes, management can view reports that show how much time is being spent on specific jobs. TSheets integrates with QuickBooks Online.


Once time has been approved in TSheets, it can be synced over to QuickBooks and the hours for each employee are populated when payroll is being processed in QuickBooks.

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