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Small Businesses

Our small business clients include contractors, audio technicians, architects, real estate professionals, manufacturers and hair stylists. They share a passion for excellence and for their work. We take what is often overwhelming and make it clear-cut and straight-forward. Not only will we expertly review your financials and file your taxes, we will organize your systems, payroll and bookkeeping. We partner to get you established for ease in managing and understanding your business better. We provide our clients with efficient systems that enable growth and profitability.



Nonprofits do some of our most demanding work—educating, caring for elderly, providing counsel in difficult times, feeding and clothing the needy. They reflect the beauty of creation through the arts and provide outlets for the body through sports. Nonprofits are mission-oriented. Our mission is to help them be financially sound and provide records that help them stay that way. Through bookkeeping and payroll services, preparation of IRS and state reporting, we work with nonprofit leaders to allow their services to flourish.



Individuals today are faced with ever-increasing complexity in the financial world. New laws make it more and more difficult to accurately complete tax returns without help. In addition, the IRS sends out millions of notices each year—many of which are in error. We provide high quality tax preparation and representation to ease your mind and tax burden. Additionally, our tax planning throughout the year keeps you from surprises come tax time. Our clients are as close as our Maitland and Orlando neighbors and-- through the benefit of technology-- as far away as Africa. 

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